The Dark Side of Magic(k)

Following up on the previous post about magick, Yes, there can be a Dark Side.

Yes, it can be strong.

No, it does not always win.  In fact, it’s more the exception than the rule that the Dark Side wins, in my experience.

Continuing with the “reasons someone gets into magic” from the original post:

Some magical folk get into magick for other reasons:

3. Get something specific – love/partner, better or more job/money/security, etc.
4. Actively hurt someone else.

Most of the complaints about magick are about someone doing something nefarious or “unfair” for personal gain.  Yep, some people get into magic for such a reason.  How many ads have you seen that offer lots of return for little work?

If such a thing worked, it could be considered magic under our definition!  You got something for less effort than it would usually take – that’s magick.

Very few people get into magic for that reason, it turns out.  Most such are looking for an easy way to an end.  When they find out how much work magick is, they usually give up and look for a different way.

And Yes.  There is an incredibly small minority who get into magick because they want to hurt someone.  All criminals come from the bulk of humanity, after all.  Each person who does something is – a person.

Every worthwhile magical group I’ve come across has internal filters to try to detect such people, and get them out.  Just like I don’t lump Jonestown in with the Catholic Church, in my view any group that could tolerate hurting other people is an aberration, not typical in any sense.

People don’t always make sense.  This is something we have to come to accept, and figure out how we are going to deal with such.  Humanity’s history is full of man’s attempts to deal with “insanity”.  And will probably continue to be so for a while yet.

Magick isn’t something to fear.  It’s something to understand.  You don’t have to do it on purpose, but (by my definition) you probably do it periodically anyway.  Any time you do something you are really good at, that you can do faster or easier than anyone else, you are doing magic.

My mom, for example, is the fastest bread- and piecrust-maker I’ve ever seen.  And wow are they good.  To me that’s magic.  And it’s good.

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