What is Magic(k)?

I’ve been involved in magic(k) since the age of 12. That was the first year I had a run of nights where I only had to sleep 2-4 hours, so there was all this alone-time when I could read and investigate with no interruptions. This may be impossible to comprehend now, but we’re talking 1972 […]


Who – or What – is God? (part 1)

This topic will take a few posts.  This one will hopefully give you an idea of my history with this question.  In a later post we’ll look at some of the explanations of what God might or might not be, and – as a friend likes to say – really get down to it. A […]


What is the purpose of Life’s Mystery School?

The ancient mystery school story captured my imagination as a child. According to the legends, these were places where wise people taught those wanting to learn the mysteries of life and the universe. To make them even more enticing, these places were often removed from civilization so they were hard to find, sometimes requiring a difficult […]

moon landing

Moon Landing: Reality or Conspiracy?

Conspiracy theories can be lots of fun.  After all, who doesn’t like a good mystery? One of the Internet’s favorites seems to be the moon landing conspiracy.  According to the conspiracy, the US didn’t land on the moon in 1969 or 1970, it was all a big hoax.  The “moon landing” happened in a warehouse […]