What is the purpose of Life’s Mystery School?

sphinxThe ancient mystery school story captured my imagination as a child. According to the legends, these were places where wise people taught those wanting to learn the mysteries of life and the universe.

To make them even more enticing, these places were often removed from civilization so they were hard to find, sometimes requiring a difficult or even life-threatening journey to reach. Places like the Great Pyramids, Tibetan monasteries, and Middle Eastern caves beckoned awakening minds. Leaders like Hermes Trismegistes, Aristotle, Pythagoras and Ezekiel taught their students hidden knowledge and deep wisdom. Students sitting at the feet of wise men teaching the mysteries of the universe.

Talk about selling an idea to young, impressionable minds! What 10-year-old wouldn’t want to run away to a mystical place and learn from the Masters…

Today we have the Internet. We can travel to mystical places from the comfort of anywhere we can get a WiFi signal. And there is a wealth of information of all types available at the click of a mouse button.

What we expect from a mystery school has changed a bit. Colleges and universities fill the role of academic education, leaving the mystical side unaddressed. Churches, which could be expected to address “mystical” or “spiritual” issues, go through one crisis after another as misdeeds are uncovered.  This doesn’t inspire trust.

Perhaps worse, many modern churches have dumbed down their messages, which come across as flat to many seekers of actual wisdom. What sounds great over a 30-second radio ad might not help someone seeking the answer to a deeper “why”.

The basic desire hasn’t changed. We want to sit at the feet of people who teach actual wisdom. Not listen to ad copy that don’t have much meat, or appeals for donations. We want to hear from people who combine facts with “been-there” experience and dispense actual wisdom.

We want to know what actually works, what is useful, and how we can apply it to our own lives.

That’s the purpose of Life’s Mystery School. To separate the wheat from the chaff, what works from what just sounds nice.

Life seems to be a thing designed to teach lessons. Every action has a reaction, every truth a consequence. Man seems to be a creature designed to learn. We have minds, bodies, friends, family, neighbors. We find ourselves in a physical world with dangers and rewards.

In short – an entire universe of mystery!

Understand what works and WHY it works, and this place is a beautiful, fantastic experience. Along the way we have questions.  Life has answers – if we learn to understand the language it speaks.

That’s what Life’s Mystery School is about. Finding the answers to the deeper questions of life, for ourselves. Reading about others’ experiences – yes. Learning facts and tools we can apply in our own lives – yes yes! But mostly, finding and learning things that work, and WHY they work, so we can apply them in our own lives.

So we can get answers that have meaning TO US. Individually. Personally. Deeply.

Throughout my life I’ve met a lot of good, honest, wonderful people who are trying to figure out what Life is all about, what’s their place in it, and in general how to make the best of this experience we call living. Fortunately some of them have recorded their experiences so we can learn from them.

Along the way I’ve also had some experiences, learned a lot of tools and techniques, found some that proved to be much more valuable than others, and developed a few of my own. I want to teach these to people willing to try them in their own lives to hopefully make them better.

Here’s to all of us finding the answers we seek!



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